"As is the case in many great productions, the musical success of San Jose’s Silent Night began in the orchestra pit with the finely-calibrated leadership of[...]Robert Mollicone. A truly “cinematic” score—replete with that genre’s abrupt shifts in style and affect—requires vigorous musical direction. Mollicone’s supple gesture coaxed a varied palate of colors from the orchestra, and achieved a fullness in the string sound that would have been respectable for an ensemble fifty percent larger."


Berkeley daily planet

"Barton’s lush tone and impressive vocal power were perfectly matched with the pianistic power and sensitivity of her accompanist Robert Mollicone. [T]he teamwork of vocalist and pianist produced miracles of sensitive expression on this well-loved text."


San Francisco examiner

"This is one of the most familiar songs in the vocal repertoire; but Barton and Mollicone combined to create one of those experiences that made the encounter feel like a first-time meeting."